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Tala - sorrel relish


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  • Tala Sorrel Relish - We're pleased to share the taste of an old family recipe with you.  The authentic red hibiscus flowers are candied and seasoned with traditional West Indian flavours to make this tala relish. Your taste buds are in for the treat of a lifetime when they first experience this relish or perhaps we should call it a relic, a reminder of a past way of life.

    The fragrant floral notes of this tala relish are the perfect accompaniment to meats, cheeses and salads.

    In fact, you'll soon be enjoying Tala Relish with a wide array of foods.

    Tala Relish features candied hibiscus Sorrel flowers in an old family recipe that's fragrant, red and delicious.

  • Red Onions, Tomato (Fresh), Apples, Sorrel, Apples, Sugar, Wine, Vinegar, Herbs & Spices, Salt.
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