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Premium passion fruit drink - 6 bottles * 250ml


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  •  Passion fruit drink is a non-alcoholic still drink without the carbonation, the passion fruit juice is refreshing; and is made from 100% pure passion fruit; it has a combination of botanicals to give that rounded aromatic taste. Delightful on its own, or as an alternative to wine or as a chaser with alcoholic spirits, whatever your preference. Buy your passion fruit drink online from KimBeAu.

    Passion Fruit Drink is absolutely delicious when used in making your Mojito here goes your recipe ....

    Recipe Passion Fruit Mojito Cocktail

    60 ml White or Dark Rum

    250ml KimBeAu Passion Fruit

    125 ml Tonic Water

    2-3 Ice Cubes,...


    Pour all ingredients into a glass, and stir well, garnish with mint or basil and enjoy.

  • This product is gluten free and have no artificial flavouring nor preservative. Produced in the UK.

  • Water, Sugar, Passion Fruit, Spices, Antioxidant - Ascorbic Acid.
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