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Scarborough food hamper

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  • Named after the capital of Tobago, this hamper contains a selection of jams, nonalcoholic drinks, confectionary, marinades and cakes.

  • The Hamper contains:

    • Guava Jam - 110 g
    • Fruit Cake 200g
    • Fruit Brownie 150g
    • Guava Cheese 4 pieces
    • Yummy Mango - 110 g
    • Tala Relish - 110 g
    • Calypso Spicy Sauce - 165ml
    • All Purpose Seasoning - 265 ml
    • Passion fruit drink 250ml
    • Almond Nut Frizzle ™️- 100g
  • The hamper products are packaged into a stylish black gift box and may includes a tag with your message.

    Email us at and we'll design a gift box to your specifications.

    Please feel free to contact us on (0) 1354 693 476.

    We are in the process of updating the product image to reflect what's in the hamper, the hamper now have a mixture of products for cooking and a few small bits to eat, thanks for your cooperation.

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