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KimBeAu Drinks - we produce an array of exotic non-alcoholic fruit drinks. Our Ginger Beer, Sorrel, Lemon & Lime and Passion Fruit concoctions are sure to quench your thirst and refresh you! Ginger Beer & Sorrel Drinks are extremely popular in Trinidad & Tobago during the Christmas season; made from ginger and sorrel respectively, these drinks are brewed, sweetened and then flavoured with spices to caress every taste bud.


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Yummy & Delicious Sweet & Sour Mango.

Mango just popping

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Kimbeau good chocolate good mood, buy kimbeau chocolates

Good Chocolate Good Mood

Thick, rich chocolate flavours with passion fruit, nutty caramel are the star of these irresistible goodies that will have you licking your fingers clean. You can’t beat a wintery mix for Christmas time after all.

Fusion Kick Collection

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