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Guava cheese - 200g


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  • An exotic sweet guava cheese similar to pate de fruit and quince cheese it is versatile as it is delicious.

    As versatile as it is delicious. Guava cheese is a delicate sweet cheese made from the pulp of the guava fruits; a West Indian/ Caribbean delicacy enjoyed on it own or serve with any type of cheese. The Guava fruit has a great benefit for cyclist and people in Sports, as it contains vitamin A &C and Potassium. 

    Each piece of guava cheese is covered in confectionary sugar mix with cornflour for stability or granulated sugar, if you are intolerant to cornflour, please let us know as the cornflour can be omitted to accommodate you. 

  • Ingredients: Guava pulp, Sugar, Spices.

    Ingredients: for dusting the cheese: Confectionary and Cornstarch or Granulated sugar.

  • Consumers who are intolerant to cornflour should not consume this product, please email us,and we would exclude the cornflour from the dusting sugar mix.

  • Packaging: Each box contains 16 delicious pieces of guava cheeses, the guava cheeses are packed into a stylish black gift box.

  • Email us at if you have any problems with your order. Please feel free to contact us on (0) 1354 693 476.

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