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About KimBeAu

KimBeAu is the UK's leading producer of high-end Caribbean/West Indian foods, drinks and hampers. Our range includes handmade fruit cakes and decorated cakes, quality chocolates, guava cheeses, curried goat, lamb and chicken in a jar, classic sorrel hibiscus & passion fruit, botanically infused and aged, and more with a contemporary twist. When you buy KimBeAu products, you are buying quality food that has been made with love. We have something for everyone's taste buds - from traditional Caribbean flavours to modern interpretations of classic Caribbean dishes like our signature KimBeau tala relish!

Differentiation: Quality
To provide customers with delicious homemade authentic Caribbean cuisine in the heart of England.

Vision statement: To be recognised as one of the best producers in England

Welcome to your KimBeAu!


Kim Kent Augustin  Founder of KimBeAu

Kim Kent Augustin.                                    

BSc (Hons) Food Science & Technology

MSc Accounting & Financial Analysis


Paul Augustin


BSc (Hons)  Food Science & Technology