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Inspired by rich family tradition, delicious West Indian cuisine and the diversity of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago; KimBeAu was founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Kim and Paul.

The KimBeAu journey began when we created a sample of our gourmet products for the first ever carnival event in Hyde Park. So encouraged we were by the response, we began production to supply various Farmer's Markets throughout England on weekends.

Although I already had a successful career in banking, I have always had a passion for food preparation. In fact, my exploits in the kitchen started at age 7, and by 12 years old my undeniable gift to bring flavours together was evident as I was creating fantastic dishes, much to the delight of my mother and family. In hindsight, I consider it a special privilege that I was born into a family that took pride in their creations in the kitchen. This legacy remains very real to me as my mother, at 75 years old, still bakes her speciality organic cookies, which have become a treat to her neighbours, children and even grandchildren in the community.

It is this combination of passion and a natural gift with flavours and unconditional support from my husband that resulted in the development of our full range of sweet and savoury gourmet products. Customers can be assured of time-tested recipes and authentic Caribbean flavour. Every recipe is proven, and every taste of our gourmet products will either recall memories of a cherished getaway to the warm and inviting islands of the West Indies-- or ignite dreams of travelling to the tropics for your next family vacation or romantic getaway.

The KimBeAu guarantee also ensures that there is no compromise on the love and labour that goes into creating every product; each is prepared and packaged- by hand- with great detail. At the heart of our recipes are quality organic ingredients and authentic spices- and the heart of West Indian cuisine in general; and we know that the growing popularity and success of our line of gourmet products is as a result. Even further, our unchanging commitment to excellence means that we offer nothing but, quality food made from quality ingredients.

The diversity of our homeland also serves as a constant inspiration in the creation of our line of gourmet products. Trinidad and Tobago is a nation with much cosmopolitan flair, and it is KimBeAu’s earnest endeavour, always to create an exceptional array of traditional flavours. We are simply delighted to have the opportunity to bring the tastes of our native, delicious and nutritious Trinidad and Tobago cuisine, from our kitchen to yours.

The KimBeAu Team also prides itself on providing creative, authentic and quality gourmet speciality services. We offer gift packages and the convenience of on-line shopping and delivery service; as such, your next Caribbean culinary escape is never too far away. So, whether you are an expert in West Indian flavours and cuisine or simply experimenting with our flavours, foods and spices for the first time, KimBeAu's products are sure to bring a tropical wave to your taste buds.

Our advice, therefore, is to get your passport ready as a mini tropical escape awaits you in every savoury bite. There is no doubt, that in every product, KimBeAu has brilliantly captured the distinct and exotic flavours of the beautiful twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Kim Kent Augustin & Paul Augustin