KimBeAu Products


KimBeAu produces an array of exotic non-alcoholic fruit drinks. Our Ginger Beer, Sorrel, Lemon & Lime and Passion Fruit concoctions are sure to quench your thirst and refresh you! Ginger Beer & Sorrel Drinks are extremely popular in Trinidad & Tobago during the Christmas season; made from ginger and sorrel respectively, these drinks are brewed, sweetened and then flavoured with spices to caress every taste bud.

Ginger Beer has a distinct taste which may be considered acquired for some, while Sorrel has an undeniable aroma that is sure to mesmerise. Lemon, Lime and Passion Fruit are often used as traditional local coolers for a hot day, which could be any day in Trinidad and Tobago! The juices are extracted from the fruits, sweetened to taste and chilled. The bold flavours of our exotic drinks are undeniable as spices and fruits combine. Be sure to include these as part of the menu for your corporate event, backyard barbeque or family lunch or dinner and an explosion of flavour awaits you with every sip!


One thing is certain about the West Indies, we love spicy food; in fact my home country- Trinidad & Tobago- boasts the current (2013) record for world’s hottest pepper! This love has transcended generations and inspired creativity, so much that we incorporate fruits into our process to give our spicy sauces an even more unique flavour.

At KimBeAu, we use a fruit-base of pineapple, pawpaw, sorrel or tomato and combine them with fiery scotch bonnet pepper and a special mixture of herbs and spices to create our delectable and signature hot sauces. We stand behind the quality and flavour of our hot sauces as we use age old tradition in the process to create and bottle each one of our spicy products.

So if you’re adventurous or simply looking for a flavourful kick to add to any of your favourite meals, KimBeAu’s Hot Sauces are definitely what you need.


In Trinidad and Tobago, we love to “season food.” Seasoning Food is actually what the culinary industry refers to as the marinating process for meats and boy oh boy do we marinate! This is what adds to that explosion of flavour and spices that is synonymous with West Indian stewed, curried, jerked, grilled or baked meats.

In Trinidad and Tobago, in particular, we create a concoction called „green seasoning‟ which is a blend of water, vinegar, salt and an array of local herbs such as flavour peppers, chive, coriander, variations of thyme, chadon beni, parsley, celery, onions, garlic etc. This blend is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets in Caribbean cooking. KimBeAu has also created a signature barbeque seasoning sauce that is sure to make you a grill master!

Our signature seasonings permeate down to the bone when meats are properly marinated; so use as much as you desire transform your kitchen into a Caribbean oasis.


Tradition is what informs our cooking and differentiates our products from any others on the market. Our signature fruit and sponge (plain) cakes truly transport you to Trinidad and Tobago at Christmas time, while our chocolate cakes are a rich indulgence and they showcase KimBeAu‟s culinary creativity.

Authentic ingredients are integral to our baking process; for the KimBeAu Sponge Cake mixed spices, vanilla essence and orange and lime zest are mandatory and without loads of fruit, alcohol *optional* and mixtures of spices and essence the KimBeAu Fruit Cake would not exist.

Away from tradition, our chocolate cakes, white and dark, are our display of culinary skill. KimBeAu can create the fantasy cake to complete an event or surprise someone special. Flowers, designer shoes, fruits or the abstract; our chocolate cakes will stand out in taste and design. Disappointment is not an option, so fulfil your chocolate dream with a KimBeAu Chocolate Cake original.